Hello and G’Day! We are Sarah and Wade and we have itchy feet… in the travel sense, of course.

We met just under 7 years ago on Magnetic Island, off the coast of Townsville, as Sarah was travelling up the East Coast of Australia. I had just come back from my first trip abroad and, hooked on travelling, found a weekend refuge at Base Backpackers to somewhat continue to feel that I was still travelling. Sarah’s friend had burst her appendix and was held up in Townsville’s hospital so when Sarah arrived back from visiting, little did she know that she would sit down and eat her dinner next to what can only be described as the man of her dreams!

A few smooth lines, a date in Cairns and some very large phone bills later, Sarah moved from the UK to Australia where we began our adventures together. For the last 5 years we have been based in London, where it has been a fantastic hub for travelling the world. We finally sealed the deal last year and got married in Mission Beach, Australia where even our Wedding Vows included promises to travel.

From over landing Nairobi to Cape Town, swimming in the pristine waters of Borneo to snorkelling with sea lion pups in the Galapagos on our honeymoon, we have managed to visit some amazing places but feel we have only touched the surface of our amazing planet.

This is why we endeavour to continue to travel and to see/meet/eat as much of the world as we can and is why we thought we should start this blog to share in our experiences.

As well as our travels, we wanted to share a couple of other bits and pieces as we go about our everyday lives.  Sarah has begun designing and making couture hats and we will keep updating the blog as more hats/designs are created. When I am not thinking about travelling, it usually means I am thinking about food so if we cook/discover anything thing that we think might float other peoples boats, we will let you know.

We think word of mouth is the best form of endorsement, so if you see any links to other websites, it is just us passing on what we like and feel should be shared.

Please bear with us as we get use to this whole blogging business and please feel free to contact us or leave comments or questions.

See you out there!

Sarah and Wade

3 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Sarah & Wade. Loving your blog, your “descriptions” & adventures. Only found this section of blog this morning. Entertained a friend by sharing your blog last week! Visiting UK & Europe this year. Will email details.

  2. hello there Sarah and Wade! i adore your love story. it’s nice to see couple that shares the same passion in traveling. keep it up and keep us inspired with your beautiful travel photos. 🙂

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