Merry Christmas!!

“Merry Christmas Everyone!!

PC240273This is coming from Akumal, Mexico. If you have been keeping up with our blogs better than we have, you would realise we have been very slack busy with our travels and are extremely far behind. Our last post was of Yangon, Myanmar and since then, we have been through South East Asia and into China, across the Pacific to San Francisco, before arriving here, in the land of Tequila and Tacos, Mehico!

Are adventures have been incredible, but very time consuming, so we thought it best to send a Christmas message today and then follow up in the coming weeks with a classic photo montage (everyone loves a photo montage!) for each place we visited until we catch up. Plus, its not like our writing would have won a Purlitzer, or if Lonely Planet have been knocking down our door to ask for all of our insightful information.

We wanted to share with everyone how we have spent our Christmas, and as everyone knows, Christmas is all about eating and drinking too much. Therefore, you will see majority of our photos incorporate food – sorry about that.


Our Christmas Feast

We were concerned about being all alone for Christmas. Thankfully, we found a beautiful condo on the beach, so whenever we felt lonely, we could just walk out the door and into the water to swim with our Turtle buddies and a massive colourful fish. Just take our word for it, our battery died!

We hope everyone had a great day and we wish everyone a great New Year. You never know, we might even make a New Year’s resolution to be more diligent with our blog… Maybe.

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