Split, Croatia

Split was hot! Lucky someone had lost their hat the day before… We only had to walk a few hundred meters to get to Sunseekers Hostel, which was perfectly located within the walls of the Old Town. We dumped our bags and headed off to wander around. The ferry company had told us that we could only pick up our tickets to Vis two hours before departure, but as we walked past the ticket desk, we asked and they sold them to us straight away, which meant a sleep in tomorrow!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough full of tourists, the Old Town of Split is quite cool. Within, are the remains of Diocletian’s Palace with heaps of Roman Monuments. We were starting to get peckish and were looking to find somewhere that was cheap, as we had no kitchen again, and that wasn’t Pizza. We were discussing our budget and that we would definitely go over it in Croatia, as were staying in a fancy hotel the next few nights, so gave up on finding something cheap and headed for a bar, spotted earlier that day called Zinfadel. There was a heap of wines by the glass so we asked for a recommendation from the nice barmen. He suggested a wine, we asked him to suggest another as we were poor, so he suggested the cheapest, but one of the nicest we had tried, a Croatian Red called Plavac. We decided to share a rack of lamb and it was delicious, the 2nd best lamb that Mrs L has tried, (after Mr L’s, of course.) We sucked the bones dry as the staff looked on, laughing at us poor people sharing a meal. We washed it down with another of the cheapest most delicious red wine and started to wander back to the hostel.

As we wandered back, we heard some music coming from within the Palace Walls and decided to investigate. There was a crowd of people, sitting on the steps around the Peristyle, lined with columns and what would have been the empty marble floored square, if it wasn’t for the one young boy dancing to music played by a couple from an adjacent bar. It was quite atmospheric, so we thought we would sit down and enjoy it for a while. We noticed a lot of people drinking and saw the wait staff from the bar providing a drinks service. I said to Sarah, that if a waiter comes over we would have to get a drink. He either heard me, or saw me standing up yelling, waving and trying to get his attention, but eerily, he came straight over. We order two of the most expensive glasses of wine to date and chilled out for the next hour listening to brilliant music and watching as a little girl joined the boy dancing, causing the crowd to erupt in applause.

We slept in the following day, ate a free bowl of cereal (bonus) and wandered out toward the ferry. I managed to buy a cap from what, at first seemed a lovely lady, but then turned to out to be horrible when she asked where I was from and then queried why I wasn’t tanned, blonde or muscular. I bought my hat, offered no tip and left immediately. We walked onto to the enormous car ferry, tripped up the stairs and settled in for the 2½-hour boat journey to Vis.

2 thoughts on “Split, Croatia

  1. Catching up on your blog and working my way back through your posts. Glad to see you can always find an adventure to share. Happy travelling. Arrived back in Oz yesterday.

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