Around the World in ?? Days

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn 2010, Sarah and I would sit in the back yard of her Granddad’s house with a bottle of Prosecco, our border collie and a map of the world, dreaming of one day going travelling for a year. It was just a dream back then but today, 4 years later, Sarah and I have flown out of London for Day 1 of our year of travelling.

The last three weeks have been some of the busiest and most exhausting weeks of our lives. Pack this, book that, organise this, finish that, did I do this and did you do that. We finished everything almost everything around midnight last night and after 3½ hours sleep we were in the cars heading towards Luton Airport for our flight into Ljubljana, Slovenia. I am sure it was either the exhaustion, or the fact that we were in Luton Airport at 5:30am but there were a few tears shed when we left behind our family this morning.

 It has been a fun & hectic few years for us living in London and it was sad to say ‘Cheerio’ to all the people who have helped us out so much. Whether that be someone to talk to, or play a few games of cards with, consume copious amounts of wine with or just throwing a few shrimps on the Barbie with, it has been great and we look forward to seeing everyone soon.

But the time had come for us to wipe the dust off our backpack, send all our gear into storage and have one large crack at seeing as much of this planet as we can.

 We have a bit of a plan of where we are headed, but as things go plans don’t always…er… go to plan.

We planned to give our mate Alex’s knives back before we left… We didn’t.

We had planned to take a photo of our years worth of clothes and add it to the blog… We didn’t.

We had planned to get the clichéd photo of us at the airport with our backpacks… We didn’t.

So here is a terrible ‘selfie’ of us at the airport after no sleep.


We are going to endeavour to stay on top of this blog so people know what we are up to and how we are getting on. We will also try and look into the future and let you all know where we are heading so you can let us know any tips or tricks or if any of you are in the area and want to catch up for a beverage. So, about that future part, we are going to head to the following, let us know your thoughts:




Bosnia & Herzegovina






Anyways, we made it safely to Ljubljana and up to Lake Bled, which is quite amazing. I was slightly worried when I looked out the window to see snow capped mountains with Lake Bled beside them and we were wearing shorts and thongs (flip flops). Well, we had planned to check the weather….

3 thoughts on “Around the World in ?? Days

  1. The Lake looks amazing…
    We shall follow your blog jealously.. maybe get some ideas for our next trip!
    Go safely! and have fun.. as if you wouldnt!

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