Tallinn, Estonia

“Estonians invented Skype”

                                – An Estonian

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAArriving late into Tallinn, our group was spilt into two, so half of us were off the bus and heading for our hostel, The Dancing Eesti, to get some much needed shut eye. Until it was pointed out that our hostel had a bar attached that was a secret meeting place in Soviet times. It also had €2 Saku beers that went down way too easily, so before we knew it, 3am had struck again.

The Pierre Chocolaterie

The Pierre Chocolaterie

The tour finished the next day with a guided walk around the Old Town with a local, who told us about the city, as well as mentioning Estonians invented Skype a few times. With cobbled streets, the oldest Town Hall in all of the Baltic & Scandinavia and most of its City Wall still intact- complete with towers and gateways – it felt as if you were walking through a postcard. It was one of the prettiest towns we have been to. After being taken over consistently by other countries before gaining its independence in 1918, before again being taken over by the Soviets and then gaining independence again, it’s hard to imagine how so much of the city survived. You can still see cannon balls imbedded into the side of one of the towers.

Finishing off back at the main square, still full of Christmas Markets due to the Russians not celebrating Christmas until January 7th, it was time to say goodbye to a few people and head off for lunch and a few more Saku’s. Sarah and I spent the remainder of the afternoon wandering the Old Town taking photos and occasionally stopping for a Gluhwein to warm ourselves up.

We missed the message that our meeting time for drinks had been pushed back by an hour so we were a little early getting to the bar. If only someone had invented some form of technology that allowed the delivery of voice communication over Internet Protocol networks, such as the internet… Eventually we all made it and said our final farewells amongst many beers, vodkas, pickles and a drinking game called Russian roulette where 21 of us had shots, but no one got blown…. It was a great week with greater bunch of people.

From then on, Sarah & I were on our own to get a couple of hours sleep before our bus to Riga.

Did I mention that the Estonians invented Skype?

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